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AkSys’ product solutions for market trades accouting and client management not only automate processes but also induce business intelligence & analytics.

MBOS – Market Back Office System for Stock, Commodity & Currency markets

MBOS is a very comprehensive and powerful tool for managing market trades. Based on a modular design, a number of optional modules can be enabled to give access to more advanced product features.



  • Capture of data pertaining to trades executed on Market Terminals as well as Corporate Actions
  • Assignment of Contracts & Charging of Levies & Taxes
  • Settlement Billing
  • Receipt and Issue of Physical as well as Demat securities
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Valuation of securities
  • Open Positions – Risk Management
  • Portfolio Gains & Losses – Short Term & Long Term
  • Financial Accounting upto P & L and Balance Sheet

CMS – Client Management System

Managing and maintaining extended customer relationships is to key to any business. At the core of relationship management lies the accessibility to comprehensive and up-to-date information about customers, partners, their contact information, order history, business relations and revenues at a click of a button. CMS not only encompasses the above features but caters to many other aspects.

Core Features

  • Basic Client information – Contact information & details of client personnel
  • Detailed hardware & software configuration of individual machines at client site
  • Software modules & dispatch history
  • Client invoicing & Finance ledger
  • Client interaction history – Phones, Visits, e-mail etc.


Developed in Clipper (Summer ’87) in the days of DOS 3.30 the products have undergone extensive transformation through Clipper 5.2e. The current versions are compiled and linked under Win 32 bit xHarbour. In addition some modules have also been developed in CA – Visual Objects 2.8.

MAPI & OLE automation have been extensively incorporated throughout the systems. The user friendly interface, however, is in Console mode.

Plans are afoot to come up with an enhanced GUI version under Windows Vista with MS SQL Server as backend.

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